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country sad ballad man

5 September, 2012

Hon FRANK HOUGH: […] Members might ask where I am headed with these comments. I am concerned about the declining number of people playing football. My main concern is country football because country football helps bond country towns. Baandee and Doodlakine once each had a football team. They do not even have a tin shed any more. Three and four farming families made up the football sides.

Hon N.D. Griffiths: What are you doing about it?

Hon FRANK HOUGH: I am asking the question. This will prove whether members of the Labor Party have ever been into the country. If they have not, I can help them out. I have some wheat in my office that they can sniff and feel to get that country feeling.

Hon N.D. Griffiths: You are trying to keep us up all night.

Hon FRANK HOUGH: This is not a joke. What is happening to sport? Ours is a sporting nation. Not that many young people are leaving country towns. Are insurance premiums causing problems? It will be no good asking what happened in five years, when we have no country football or bowling teams. It serves no purpose to examine these problems after the clubs have closed down. We must do something now.
This is not a Labor Party problem; it is a problem for all Western Australians. We should all search for answers. The throwaway line to explain the situation is that young people are leaving country Western Australia. That is not the answer. The Australian Football League has probably been one of the biggest killers. AFL games are televised when country football games are played.
It is midnight and I do not want to turn into a pumpkin.

Hon N.D. Griffiths: It is too late.

Hon FRANK HOUGH: I see a few pumpkins opposite. I ask members to think about this issue. We must come up with some answers.

Subject: Adjournment of the House [Legislative Council – Rural and Regional Football Teams — Adjournment Debate]

Date: 14 May 2002

Hansard reference: pp. 10276-10277 [online (pdf)]

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