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7 September, 2012

1427. Hon ROBYN McSWEENEY to the parliamentary secretary representing the Minister for Health:
I will give a preamble to this question because it will put it into context. I was watching a program on the ABC that was filmed in Queensland –

Hon Tom Stephens: Australian Temptation Island is on Channel Seven.

Hon Alan Cadby: Only you would know that, minister. What was it like last week?

The PRESIDENT: Order, members! Members are straying from the question.

Hon ROBYN McSWEENEY: I think so. When they hear the question, they will be rather ashamed of themselves for laughing.
Many children in certain areas, some as young as eight years old, had sexually transmitted diseases. The figure was absolutely horrific. Queensland Premier Peter Beattie quite rightly said that this is a tragedy and a national disgrace.
All of us, whether we are in this place or in the community, have a duty of care when it comes to children.
(1) How many sexually transmitted diseases have been reported in each of the past five years for –
(a) Aboriginal girls aged under 10;
(b) non-Aboriginal girls aged under 10;
(c) Aboriginal girls aged 10 to 13; and
(d) non-Aboriginal girls aged 10 to 13?
(2) What was the youngest reported age during that five-year period?

Point of Order

Hon TOM STEPHENS: I apologise to the member for interrupting her question.

Hon ROBYN McSWEENEY: I thank the minister. I believe an apology was necessary.

The PRESIDENT: It might have been a point but it was not a point of order

Subject: Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Children [Legislative Council – Questions Without Notice]

Date: 16 May 2002

Hansard reference: pp. 10522 – 10523 [online (pdf)]

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