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inaugural trams

10 September, 2012

The Western Australian government has announced the details of its proposed light rail system, the Metro Area Express (MAX), which, as Kent Acott in The West Australian points out, is the same name as used in Portland, Oregon (and has been used there for over 25 years). The Portland example is not unknown, either – some mentions of it in Hansard include a mention by name in 2004 by the then-Transport Minister Alannah MacTiernan in the reply to a question on notice about the proximity of rail (in this case the Mandurah train line) to heavy road traffic (the Kwinana Freeway), while Portland’s public transport system was also used as an example of a successful model in Ben Wyatt’s budget reply speech in 2008.

Today’s quote from the archives doesn’t concern Portland or MAX, but it is light rail-related. No doubt with Parliament sitting tomorrow, there will be some mention of the Barnett government’s public transport plans…

Hon Derrick Tomlinson: After you have taken the railway line underneath the Narrows, where do you go then – straight down the freeway?

Hon Bob Thomas: That is what Richard Lewis said.

Hon J.A. SCOTT: The line should go straight down the freeway.

Hon Derrick Tomlinson: Where should it turn right?

Hon J.A. SCOTT: I do not know whether it should turn right. Feeder services could be provided with light rail systems down the coast.

Hon Derrick Tomlinson: Trams!

Hon J.A. SCOTT: Not trams; hybrid rail links. I know that Hon Derrick Tomlinson does not have much knowledge of these things.

Hon Derrick Tomlinson: No, I do not. Enlighten me.

Hon J.A. SCOTT: I can enlighten him by asking him to go to Melbourne and jump on the St Kilda light rail system. Then he might learn a thing or two.

Hon J.A. Cowdell: He is beyond enlightenment. Do not worry.

Hon J.A. SCOTT: Yes.

Hon Derrick Tomlinson: I am the way, the truth and the light.


Hon J.A. SCOTT: The only thing the member forgot to add is that he is also the noise. That probably describes him rather more adequately.

Hon Derrick Tomlinson: When you get zapped, do not blame me.

The PRESIDENT: Order! This is meant to be a serious debate. If members do not find it serious, they should step outside into the courtyard, have a cup of coffee and talk about whatever they want to talk about.

Subject: Address-in-Reply [Legislative Council – Amendment to Motion]

Date: 20 September 2000

Hansard reference: pp. 1485-1486 [online (pdf)]

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