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the sweetest punch

11 September, 2012

10 years ago, in the W.A. Legislative Council:

HON FRANK HOUGH (Agricultural) [9.45 pm]: One Nation totally opposes the Family Court Amendment Bill. I find it disappointing that in my first year in this Parliament I have seen Bills put through by the use of what I suppose we could call marshmallow thuggery –

Hon Ljiljanna Ravlich: That is a contradiction in terms!

Hon FRANK HOUGH: I would say that in using those words I am right on the mark.

Hon Nick Griffiths: If this was the Legislative Assembly that would be considered unparliamentary language!

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT (Hon Jon Ford): Order, members!

Hon FRANK HOUGH: Thank you, Mr Deputy President, because the marshmallow thuggery is coming out again, and I will have to go to the Department of Consumer and Employment Protection if they continue to carry on like that.

Subject: Family Court Amendment Bill 2001 [Legislative Council – Third Reading]

Date: 11 September 2002

Hansard reference: p. 730 [online (pdf)]

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