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14 September, 2012

Seven years ago today, in the W.A. Legislative Council (see also: ‘moving on‘ for more discussion about Hon Bruce Donaldson and travel):

Hon BRUCE DONALDSON: […] Another issue that confuses me is that certain sections of the Fire Brigades Act pertain to local government. One section relates to fire weather warnings, the movement of vehicles in paddocks, the issuing of summonses when fire breaks have not been constructed, and the issuing of permits for the lighting of fires in the unrestricted period. I presume that all those functions will remain as they are in the other acts. Does the Emergency Management Bill relate more to terrorism, tsunamis, major bushfires, earthquakes, floods –

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT: Air crashes.

Hon BRUCE DONALDSON: I thank you for that help, Mr Deputy President. It is air crashes. That is quite true. I need this help and it is very pleasing to receive it.

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT: I am surprised that Hon Bruce Donaldson forgot that one.

Hon BRUCE DONALDSON: I know what you were getting at, Mr Deputy President, and I was not going to bite.

Hon Kim Chance: It is clause 747!

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT: A320 in this bill!

Hon BRUCE DONALDSON: I knew that if I said air crashes, certain members in the house would burst out laughing at the fact that I would even consider that.

Subject: Emergency Management Bill 2005 [Legislative Council – Second Reading]

Date: 14 September 2005

Hansard reference: p. 5275 [online (pdf)]

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