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19 September, 2012

HON KEN TRAVERS (North Metropolitan) [5.25 pm]: I wanted to just raise a couple of issues in the public transport area before we adjourn tonight. I wanted to talk about what we have seen in recent weeks, being the production of maps and artists’ impressions of proposed public transport infrastructure for Western Australia that will not happen for some considerable time. Clearly, I think we have a government that has woken up after four years of ignoring the congestion and public transport problems of Perth, which have increased considerably during its time in office. It has suddenly woken up and realised it has not done anything, and is now rapidly trying to feed out, with selected drops to media outlets, different stories about proposals. The Premier may be surrounded by fools in his cabinet, but the public are not fools and he needs to understand that.

Hon Norman Moore: What a puerile comment to make.

Hon KEN TRAVERS: It is true, Leader of the House; it is true and the Leader of the House knows it.

Hon Norman Moore: You’re absolutely puerile.

Hon KEN TRAVERS: That is the way the Premier behaves.
Anyway, so we get no detail. Over the past couple of weeks we have had a light rail proposal; we got a map and an artist’s impression, but no detail about that light rail whatsoever—the frequencies, whether Park ‘n’ Ride stations would be on it, where the bus interchanges would be. We got a map of a route that had been around for quite some time. The only thing new in that announcement was a name—MAX.

Hon Simon O’Brien: What would you call it—Muriel or something?

Hon KEN TRAVERS: Hon Simon O’Brien may feel that a light rail route needs to be named, but I would suggest that if the government actually had a good light rail plan, it would sell itself. But we will move through how this name was arrived at.

Subject: Public Transport Infrastructure [Legislative Council – Statement]

Date: 13 September 2012

Hansard reference: p. 5818 [online (pdf)]

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