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motion sickness

26 September, 2012

MR P. PAPALIA (Warnbro) [12.41 pm]: I understand the Treasurer is unwell, and he has a great deal of sympathy from me because I am feeling exactly the same way at the moment. I would suggest to my colleagues that they do not remain seated in front; it may get untidy!

Several members interjected.

Mr P. PAPALIA: It is not that bad! If I rush out quickly, the member for Armadale is ready to take my place.


They also understand that now is a bizarre time to be setting up a future fund; no-one can understand why we would borrow on a credit card to put money into a savings account, and receive less money than we would if we were paying off the credit card. It is just irrational; it makes no sense at all. The member for Mindarie said that if one of his constituents went to a bank and asked for a credit card, explaining that that was his intention, they would tell him to get off—what was the member for Mindarie’s term?—the whoopee weed, I think he said! That would be ridiculous; the person would be kicked out of the bank and the bank manager would laugh at him and send him on his way. The same thing would happen if the Treasurer of Western Australia were to walk into the bank and suggest that he was going to do exactly the same thing, which is what he is doing; it is bizarre.

Dr M.D. Nahan interjected.

Mr P. PAPALIA: I do not mind the member interjecting; I am just ignoring him. If he interjects and I happen to be looking at him, I may succumb to waves of nausea, so I would not interject too often if I were him!

Ms R. Saffioti: Like that episode of Little Britain!

Mr P. PAPALIA: That is not fair on Hansard! The offering of receptacles for my potential vomit is much appreciated, but I will push on.


Mr Speaker, may I have an extension, please?

The SPEAKER: Only if you can guarantee me, member that you are fit to proceed!

Mr P. PAPALIA: There are no guarantees in life, Mr Speaker!

The SPEAKER: Another 10 minutes are granted, member.

[Member’s time extended.]

Mr P. PAPALIA: I will push on; I will have a go.

Subject: Western Australian Future Fund Bill 2012 [Legislative Assembly – Second Reading]

Date: 19 September 2012

Hansard reference: pp. 6142-6143, p. 6145 [online (pdf)]


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