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never to be repeated

2 October, 2012

The PRESIDENT: They say that lightning does not strike twice in the same place, but in this case perhaps it has, and in deference to Claremont’s double win, I will defer to Hon Ed Dermer, their most loyal supporter!

HON ED DERMER (North Metropolitan) [9.45 pm]: Mr President, it may be a fact that lightning strikes twice every 72 years, because I am very pleased to reflect on the fact that the Claremont Football Club on Sunday won a second premiership in a row for the first time since 1940, which was the last of three years in which this great club won consecutive premiership flags at the league level—1938, 1939 and 1940. It would be inappropriate for us to not acknowledge properly the most recent achievements of the finest sporting institution ever to grace the annals of human history, and I am very pleased to extend my congratulations to the Claremont
Football Club, which I am sure meets that description.

The club’s success extended to each of the three levels involved in the Western Australian Football League. At the colts level, the club was defeated by two points in the preliminary final and therefore was not in a position to take on South Fremantle in the colts grand final.

Point of Order

Hon MAX TRENORDEN: Mr President, would you please explain to Hon Ed Dermer that it is now cricket season and the football season is finished?

The PRESIDENT: It is not a point of order, but it is a point of view!

Debate Resumed

Hon ED DERMER: Hon Max Trenorden has reminded me that it is now cricket season. This is a fact that I am delighted about, because having just won the grand final on Sunday, as a Claremont supporter I am now free to spend the entire cricket season bragging about Claremont’s success until the beginning of the next WAFL season in March next year, and I intend to take full advantage of that!
I will continue, Mr President, with my thesis that the Claremont Football Club is the finest sporting institution ever to grace the annals of human history.


What I think is also very important to note, of course, is the success of Claremont Football Club in the league grand final. Some members have pointed out the fact that early in the last quarter, East Fremantle got within one point of leading. One feeling about that is that we deliberately allowed that to happen so as to tease East Fremantle appropriately before beating it in the grand final. I am not sure whether that was the case. But I am delighted to see the result in the league level. I think the excellence of the league team speaks for itself. So there is probably not a need for me to say very much more on that matter.

Hon Norman Moore: Just take your handbag and go home!

Hon ED DERMER: Mr President, I look across the chamber at one of my favourite East Fremantle supporters, Hon Norman Moore, because I realise he is commenting on an appropriate Claremont target, which is to exceed the number of premierships won by East Fremantle —

Hon Norman Moore: You won’t be around when they reach that!

Hon ED DERMER: — which is currently 29, and Claremont has now achieved 12. So Sunday’s success is further progress towards the natural destiny of Claremont Football Club to exceed the number of premierships won by East Fremantle, and I am confident that I will have a very long life, as will Hon Norman Moore —

Hon Norman Moore: You’ll need to live to about 300, Ed!

Hon ED DERMER: — and I am looking forward to his acknowledging Claremont’s success when they achieve that objective!


Mr President, you can see that I am a very happy man, and I am delighted to share that happiness with all of my colleagues in the chamber. I can see that that is very important. I would like to recommend to any person who is seeking joy in life that they adhere very closely to a West Australian Football League club. There are not many joys that are more pure and uncompromised than close adherence to a West Australian Football League club, and I would recommend it to anyone. If anyone is a bit unsure as to which West Australian Football League club they would like to adhere to, I would be very pleased to recommend a good one. Thank you, Mr President.

The PRESIDENT: Members, I assure you that I will give Hon Ed Dermer the call under these circumstances only once every 72 years!

Subject: Claremont Football Club – Premiership [Legislative Council – Statement]

Date: 25 September 2012

Hansard reference: pp. 6404-6406 [online (pdf)]

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