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I knew you were waiting (for me)

3 October, 2012

The grand opening of the long-awaited Perth Arena, featuring a concert by George Michael, has been discussed here previously in three posts from May 2012. Unfortunately, three days ago, and four days after this exchange, George Michael cancelled his Australian tour, including the Arena tour (due to anxiety following health complications, not because of the events discussed below). The Arena will now be opened by another act showcasing local talent: Sir Elton John.

Mr J.N. HYDE: […] Perth Arena is rapidly drawing to an opening. I thank the Treasurer for stating earlier that the invitation for the local member is in the mail. I go to the mailbox every day, Treasurer, waiting for that invitation.

Mr T.R. Buswell: When I get mine, which will say “Troy and friend”, I will give you a call straight away!

Mr J.N. HYDE: I thank the Treasurer very much. I seek confirmation that it will be me, George Michael and the Treasurer at the afterparty.

Mr T.R. Buswell: Yes, absolutely—count me in! But there will be no careless whispers!

Mr J.N. HYDE: Whenever I am at a function with the Treasurer, there are never any careless whispers. I assure him that there will be none at the afterparty with George Michael. I thank him for the invitation.

Subject: Loan Bill 2012 [Legislative Assembly – Second Reading]

Date: 26 September 2012

Hansard reference: p. 6557 [online (pdf)]

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