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12 October, 2012

Bonus post before Houses & Motions goes on leave for the next three weeks – we’re back in November, and in the meantime why not browse the archives and nominate any favourite posts for our sixth birthday retrospective (which will appear on 16 November)?

The references made in Hon Lynn MacLaren’s speech here will probably be familiar – but if not, supplementary material is provided after the quote. Our thanks too go to Hon Lynn MacLaren for replying to our Twitter query about this speech!

HON LYNN MacLAREN (South Metropolitan) [2.13 pm]: I also wish to make some comments about the Building Amendment Bill 2012. It is not very long ago that we were considering the Building Bill 2010 and its associated package of bills. The Building Act 2012 has been in operation only since April 2012, and, as is to be expected with reforms of this nature and scale, there have been some teething problems. I understand that following the commencement of the Building Act 2012, there was a steep decline in the number of building applications and permits issued, and that caused cash flow problems in the industry. Minister, can we fix it? Yes, I think we can.


I hope the minister understands that the purpose of my questions today was to finetune the bill so that it is an effective instrument for the new process we are putting through—working together, they can get the job done!

HON SIMON O’BRIEN (South Metropolitan — Minister for Commerce) [2.34 pm] — in reply: Hear, hear—let us get the job done! Those are very fine sentiments.

Subject: Building Amendment Bill 2012 [Legislative Council – Second Reading]

Date: 27 September 2012

Hansard reference: p. 6655, p. 6658 [online (pdf)]


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