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7 November, 2012

Hon NORMAN MOORE: […] The member talked about compulsory voting. The compulsory part is that people have to turn up and have their names ruled off, but they do not have to vote; they can do whatever they like with their ballot paper. Indeed, the member mentioned some of the language that occasionally gets written on ballot papers. There is a degree of subjectivity in this, of course. People are not allowed to write their name on their ballot paper, and if a name is written on it, it becomes invalid. I remember a case in a recent election in which someone wrote “dickhead” on a ballot paper that had a vote for Labor on it, so I suggested it might have identified the voter as Mr Richard Head!

Hon Ken Travers: In the Glendalough by-election a few years ago there were a lot of nice things written about you, if you recall, after you closed one of their schools!

Hon NORMAN MOORE: Is that right? I hope they were all invalid, then!

Hon Ken Travers: Yes, you got mentioned a number of times, if I recall correctly!

Hon NORMAN MOORE: Not as “Dick Head”, I hope!

Hon Ken Travers: They might have used similar terms at the time to describe you, Leader!

Hon NORMAN MOORE: Yes, they may well have done!

The PRESIDENT: Order! The term has been used as an adjective, not as a personal noun, so I accept that!

Hon NORMAN MOORE: Anyway, I made the point that it could have been someone identifying themselves and, indeed, the person managing the polling both put it to one side to double-check further down the track. They looked at the electoral roll and there was nobody by the name of Richard Head, so the vote was accepted as a legitimate vote!

Subject: Electoral Amendment Bill 2012 [Legislative Council – Second Reading]

Date: 23 October 2012

Hansard reference: p. 7330 [online (pdf)]

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