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plenty is never Greenough: Grant Woodhams’s Greatest Hits

13 November, 2012

This week is the last scheduled sitting week for the Legislative Assembly before the state election in March 2013 – while there is still the chance for extra dates, these next three days of parliamentary activity may be the last time that many members participate in debate, either because they are retiring or, of course, the election results might not go their way next year. While we will dedicate posts to those retiring members ahead of the election, for now we are focusing on one member whose speeches in Parliament were inadvertantly instrumental in the creation of Houses & Motions: Grant Woodhams, Member for Moore (formerly Greenough) and Speaker of the Legislative Assembly (parliamentary profile).

Grant Woodhams

As you probably know (since we mention it a lot), Mr. Woodhams occasionally gave his speeches as poems or songs, which are collected below in chronological order. While his elevation to the role of Speaker has cunningly meant that such speeches are no longer possible, we remain hopeful that this week there will be the opportunity for retiring members to give valedictory speeches, and that, should Mr. Woodhams get to give such a speech, he takes the chance for his own swansong! [Edit (20/11/12): the swansong did indeed happen, and it is now listed as the sixth entry below]

  1. Advance Australia Equal – 5 April 2005 (‘anthemic Greenough for you?’)
  2. Budget Pie – 17 May 2006 (‘the world is not Greenough’)
  3. I Love A Sunburn Daily – 31 October 2006 (‘Greenough is Greenough’)
  4. Budgeterata – 16 May 2007 (‘Greenough already’)
  5. The Budget Path to Heaven – 14 May 2008 (‘just can’t get Greenough’)
  6. Woodie, the Speaker of the Overflow – 15 November 2012 (‘Moore than Greenough’)

bonus track:
Ode to the Speaker — Not the Poet by John Kobelke, 25 November 2008 (‘nearly Greenough’)

Praise for the collection

MR T.K. WALDRON (Wagin) [7.53 pm]: I begin by congratulating the member for Greenough on his magnificent spoken rendition and adaptation of American Pie. It was really good. It was uplifting and very clever. It certainly made his point very well. [p. 2831, 17 May 2006]

MR T. BUSWELL (Vasse – Deputy Leader of the Opposition) [9.55 pm]: It is always a hard job to rise in the shadow of the bard, but I will give it my best endeavours. [p. 7936, 31 October 2006]


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