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you could keep me talking

11 December, 2012

Another day, another twist in the Buswell/Carles saga, as mentioned yesterday; following Ms Carles’s (the Member for Fremantle) comments yesterday about Mr Buswell’s drinking and behaviour, the ABC and the West Australian report that the Treasurer is now suing Ms Carles for defamation.

The Member for Fremantle has not previously featured on this site; given the context today, with the writ served by Mr Buswell described as “a political stunt to gag” Ms Carles, we’ve found in the archives an occasion when the Member for Fremantle’s parliamentary contribution was interrupted by some strange behaviour by other members:

MS A.S. CARLES (Fremantle) [12.00 pm]: I welcome the opportunity —

Ms A.J.G. MacTiernan: That takes the leash off us if he is able to talk about —

The ACTING SPEAKER: Member for Armadale!

Dr M.D. Nahan: Do you have a leash on yourself?

The ACTING SPEAKER: Member for Riverton!

Mr P.B. Watson: You’ve got one on your head.

The ACTING SPEAKER: Take a seat, member for Fremantle. I did not hear the first word you said. Indeed, I do not even know whether you have said your first word, but I have heard three other members conducting a loud argument across the chamber, and I do not want to hear it again.

Subject: Appropriation (Consolidated Account) Recurrent 2010-11 Bill 2010 / Appropriation (Consolidated Account) Capital 2010-11 Bill 2010 [Legislative Assembly – Second Reading — Cognate Debate]

Date: 27 May 2010

Hansard reference: p. 3621 [online (pdf)]

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