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17 December, 2012

A bonus post for Monday, following on from material featured last week: at the end of 2003, the Legislative Assembly adjourned for the year amidst several mentions by Rob Johnson of a cow named Mildred. The Assembly then scheduled an extra sitting day to finish debating legislation, before re-adjourning:

MR R.F. JOHNSON (Hillarys) [6.39 pm]: I join my colleague, and friend sometimes, the Leader of the House, in wishing all members of this House and their families a very happy Christmas and a healthy, safe, prosperous and peaceful new year. I also extend once again our very best wishes from this side of the House to everybody who works within the parliamentary precincts, and to you, Mr Speaker, and to the many other people whom we may come across in the next few weeks.

THE SPEAKER (Mr F. Riebeling): I also want to take the opportunity to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year. It is relatively sad that we lost the cow during the short break that we had.

Mr R.F. Johnson: She got mad cow disease!

The SPEAKER: I hope that everyone drives safely and looks after themselves during this break.

Subject: Adjournment of the House [Legislative Assembly]

Date: 16 December 2003

Hansard reference: p. 14926 [online (pdf)]

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