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big call

19 December, 2012

The ACTING SPEAKER (Mr A.P. O’Gorman): The Treasurer.

Mr R.F. Johnson: The Deputy Premier used up his time.

Dr G.I. Gallop: He did not.

MR E.S. RIPPER (Belmont – Minister for Energy) [4.08 pm]: I believe I have a minute left in which to speak.

Point of Order

Mr P.D. OMODEI: The Minister for Energy’s time had expired.

The ACTING SPEAKER: According to the clock in front of me the Minister for Energy has a minute in which to speak. The Minister for Energy.

Debate Resumed

Mr E.S. RIPPER: Mr Acting Speaker –

Several members interjected.

Point of Order

Mr D.F. BARRON-SULLIVAN: I seek some clarification. A technical issue might be involved. The clock had most definitely been sitting on the one-minute mark for some time while the previous Labor member had been speaking. Does the Minister for Energy now have one minute or the remaining component of that minute in which to speak?

The ACTING SPEAKER (Mr A.P. O’Gorman): The Minister for Energy will have one minute. In these types of debates time has always been marked in minute segments.

Mr P.D. Omodei interjected.

Debate Resumed

MR E.S. RIPPER (Belmont – Minister for Energy) [4.09 pm]: Thank you for your support, Mr Acting Speaker. I disagree with the statement of the member for Warren-Blackwood that your ruling is somehow rubbish. The amendment is totally fallacious. The power procurement process does support the economic development of the south west, as the member for Collie so eloquently explained. The member for Collie explained the ambitions and aspirations of the people of Collie for not only a base-load power station but also additional industry, which will flow if the right decisions are made for the construction of the next power station. We have heard from the Opposition a proposal that in the end would delay the power station in Collie.

Opposition members: Time! Time! Time!

Mr A.J. Carpenter: That’s the most enjoyable minute I have ever had; better than sex!

Subject: Collie B Power Station [Legislative Assembly – Matter of Public Interest — Amendment on the Amendment]

Date: 26 November 2004

Hansard reference: pp. 8652-8653 [online (pdf)]

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