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WA Votes 2013 and Twitter

24 January, 2013

The site has been a bit quiet so far this year, for a number of reasons. While I’ve posted some entries in our series on ‘the year in legislation’, I just haven’t had the time to go through more debates and add to these posts – no new posts in this series are forthcoming, at the moment.

One reason why the Hansard reviews have taken a backseat is because of another series which was hinted at last year, which I’ve been preparing and posting on my own research blog. This is ongoing research into the coverage of the 2013 WA state election on Twitter, and the use of Twitter by politicians and candidates during the campaign period, and builds on previous studies into elections and social media (such as the 2010 Federal election and last year’s Queensland election).

For an introductory post for this project, see: WA Votes 2013–the view from Twitter. I’ve also posted a few other contextual posts, on #wapol and on WA politicians currently on Twitter, with more to come as the campaign progresses and election day (9 March) approaches. Updates about this project will be shared on the @hansardblog Twitter account, but for now I won’t cross-post articles here.

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