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the new dress code

15 July, 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, we return with brand new content from the thirty-ninth Parliament of Western Australia and all the commentary on the issues of the day that you’ve come to expect from both this blog and the members of the Upper and Lower Houses:

HON SUE ELLERY (South Metropolitan — Leader of the Opposition) [3.31 pm]: […] The question of the amount of time it will otherwise take to untangle those issues is important because today is our last scheduled sitting day. We are prepared to examine this bill for as long as it takes us to satisfy ourselves on all those issues that are within the bill. I bought my overnight bag with me, so I have a change of clothes.

Hon Kate Doust: Your onesie?

Hon SUE ELLERY: I do not have a onesie; I would not submit anyone to the prospect of seeing me in a onesie. I could not think of anything more hideous.

The PRESIDENT: Order! Now we are straying from the motion.

Hon SUE ELLERY: We certainly are. It is a frightening thought, Mr President!

Subject: Duties Legislation Amendment Bill 2013 [Legislative Council – Discharge of Order and Referral to Standing Committee on Legislation —- Motion]

Date: 27 June 2013

Hansard reference: p. 2276 [online (pdf)]


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