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comfortably numb

16 July, 2013

When I opened up the Legislative Council debate from 27 June 2013 as the first option for new quotes, I picked it purely because it was the most recent transcript available; having been out of the country at the time of this session, I didn’t realise until I got well into the document that this was the session where Hon Ken Travers spoke for six hours and the Council sat overnight and into Friday morning. There may be a fair few contributions coming from this transcript.

Hon KEN TRAVERS: […] Again, one would think that the deal that was signed would have made sure that we had plenty of revenue for the future. Clearly, because we are dealing tonight with the duties bill to slug people and businesses in Western Australia $527 million over the next four years, it was not very successful. The rest of the letter was about administrative matters.

Hon Jacqui Boydell: Are you okay, Hon Ken Travers?

Hon KEN TRAVERS: I am fine. How are you going?

Hon Jacqui Boydell: I’m fine.

Hon KEN TRAVERS: Thank you for asking. I appreciate that.

Hon Jacqui Boydell: That’s okay. Just checking.

Hon KEN TRAVERS: When I heard that the Eagles had lost to Essendon, I knew that my father-in-law would be excited, so that will be interesting at home at some point in the future. However, I digress. That is the only thing that is on my mind that would be worrying me at the moment.

Hon Simon O’Brien: You don’t need a comfort break or anything, do you? If you do, let us know because I would enjoy your discomfort.

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT (Hon Alanna Clohesy): Order! Hon Ken Travers has the call, comfortable as he is.

Hon KEN TRAVERS: Yes. I do not even need a back brace yet!

Subject: Duties Legislation Amendment Bill 2013 [Legislative Council – Second Reading]

Date: 27 June 2013

Hansard reference: pp. 2321-2322 [online (pdf)]

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