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my resistance is low

19 July, 2013

Hon KEN TRAVERS: ][…] Can Liberal Party members in the chamber tonight give me one example of where that occurred over the past five years? Can they give me one example? Again, there is silence in the chamber from members opposite because there is not an example that they can give us.

Point of Order

Hon SIMON O’BRIEN: The honourable member is trying to get government members to engage in unruly interjection in direct contravention, Madam Deputy President, as you know. But that is all right because that has happened before. The reason why I am appealing to you on a point of order and asking for your intercession is that I am starting to weaken and I might break a standing order if you allow him to keep tempting me to do so!

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT (Hon Liz Behjat): Thank you for that contribution, Hon Simon O’Brien. There is no point of order. However, we have all been going on very nicely thus far. There is only about 20 minutes and then there will be a break, so you might perhaps find that you have time away from the chamber in which you might be able to regather your strength to continue through what may be a long evening.

Debate Resumed

Hon KEN TRAVERS: Thank you, Madam Deputy President. I suggest to Hon Simon O’Brien that he makes a note of the points that I raise so that when I conclude my remarks, he can make a contribution to the house. I would welcome that. Madam Deputy President, to assist Hon Simon O’Brien, from now on when I ask questions through you to the other side, if he gives me the little signal that he is going to answer that question, I will note that we will hear a contribution from Hon Simon O’Brien later in this debate on the abolition of taxes that have been provided by the Liberal Party.

Hon Simon O’Brien: The relevant minister, I am sure, will give you all of that.

Hon KEN TRAVERS: I am a bit shocked because the member said he was not going to interject and how unruly it was and then he interjected!

Hon Simon O’Brien: I told you I’d be tempted!

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT: I am sure you will not be tempted further, Hon Simon O’Brien.

Hon KEN TRAVERS: I have seen Chairs throw out government members who unruly interject too often to assist the government getting its legislation through!

Hon Sue Ellery: That’s what he’s hoping for!

Hon KEN TRAVERS: Yes, he wants to go home early.

Hon Simon O’Brien: I’m weakening; I’m weakening.

Hon KEN TRAVERS: I probably need to go back through the four points because I have lost my spot—no, I am just joking!

Subject: Duties Legislation Amendment Bill 2013 [Legislative Council – Second Reading]

Date: 27 June 2013

Hansard reference: pp. 2296-2297 [online (pdf)]

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