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blessed are the lawmakers

22 July, 2013

Hon KEN TRAVERS: […] I noticed in The West Australian of 24 May that the government has just entered into a new state government master media services contract for $305 million. Is that why this bill is before us tonight? Does the government intend to bring in even more Bigger Picture advertisements—”bigger picture, but delayed; bigger picture, but we can’t tell you when; bigger picture ain’t going to happen but it is not our fault, because it has become more complex than we realised even though nothing has changed!”

Several members interjected.

Hon KEN TRAVERS: It is all right; let them go.

Several members interjected.

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT (Hon Adele Farina): Order, members! Hon Ken Travers has the call and should not be inviting interjections.

Hon KEN TRAVERS: I did not invite the interjections, Madam Deputy President, the Minister for Mental Health started to interject.

Hon Helen Morton: I was enjoying the show and the adoration of the people behind you.

Hon Sue Ellery: I think she said you’re gorgeous.

Hon KEN TRAVERS: I am going to blush if these conversations continue any longer! I have never been described in those terms before and I doubt it will happen any time soon. I certainly do not think over the next six hours I will hear it again.

Hon Helen Morton: Don’t you believe it!

Hon KEN TRAVERS: Pardon?

Hon Helen Morton: I was referring to the adoration by your backbenchers towards you and how gorgeous it is to see them so enthused by what you are saying. It is fabulous.

Hon Alyssa Hayden: Engaged.

Hon Helen Morton: It is fabulous—engaged, loving, adoring, it’s like the Messiah.

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT: Order, members! I think there may have been some comment about not referring to people’s facial expressions earlier in the day. Hon Ken Travers has the call. I might remind members that we are dealing with the duties bill.

Hon KEN TRAVERS: I hope that if they roll their eyes, the minister will let me know.

Hon Liz Behjat: We’re watching the Milli Vanilli fan club over there.

Hon KEN TRAVERS: All right!

Subject: Duties Legislation Amendment Bill 2013 [Legislative Council – Second Reading]

Date: 27 June 2013

Hansard reference: pp. 2314-2315 [online (pdf)]


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