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19 September, 2013

HON PAUL BROWN (Agricultural) [5.30 pm]: My member’s statement is a little more lighthearted than that of Hon Sue Ellery and Hon Peter Katsambanis. Before I start, I want to thank Hon Phil Edman for allowing me to be absent last night on urgent parliamentary business. I was invited last night by my five-year-old daughter to go to her first dads’ evening at her primary school. I and about 15 to 18 other dads got to sit with our kids. We got to participate in puzzles, Lego, painting, craftwork and even a bit of woodwork, bits of which I still have on my fingers! [..] I want to share with the house a little bit of artwork that my daughter and I managed to make last night.

Hon Ken Travers: Are you going to table it?

Hon PAUL BROWN: I would love to table it but, as the famous Australian character in The Castle, Darryl Kerrigan, said, “These are going in the pool room.” Thank you, Mr President.

Subject: Primary Schools Dads’ Evening [Legislative Council – Statement]

Date: 12 September 2013

Hansard reference: p. 4001 [online (pdf)]

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