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the final countdown (i)

23 September, 2013

While we attempt to practice political impartiality here at Houses and Motions, when it comes to sport it’s a little different – for my part, at least, when it comes to AFL there’s only been one team for me, and it isn’t the one in blue and yellow. With Fremantle appearing in its first Grand Final this weekend, we’re interrupting our recent return to current content by delving into the archives for interesting discussions about the Fremantle Football Club as captured in Hansard (other topical posts previously featured on the site can be found here – granted, they might not always be pro-Freo, but we’ll take what we can find, the Grand Final has been a long time coming). Today, we head back to the start of 2008:

109. Mr B.S. WYATT to the Premier:
On the eve of the Australian Football League season, will the Premier please outline to the house the state government’s commitment to Australian rules football in this state?

Mr A.J. CARPENTER replied:
I thank the member for the question and for the timeliness of the question. I pick up on the thread that was laid by the Leader of the Opposition in his opening question on football. One of the best times of the year is the beginning of the Australian rules football season, I think because everyone thinks it might be a good year! However, only a week later we all know that it is just a repetition of what has been happening for the past 13 years or something!

[…]I want to see what happens this year. I want to see what happens with Chris Judd tonight. I want to see what happens with the West Coast Eagles under their new captain, and the management of their off-field issues from last year and how that spills into this year. I want to see what happens with Fremantle, of course—the team that I support—with their new coach and with the new role for Des Headland as the in-and-under tough man of the side —

Several members interjected.

Mr A.J. CARPENTER: — the armadillo, with the impenetrable armour! I also want to see, of course, what happens with the man I would like most to marry, Shaun McManus—the spiritual leader and heart and soul of the Fremantle Football Club, known by those who truly understand him as tackle bags, and a wonderful contributor over a number of years. I hope that he is able to —

Mr C.J. Barnett: I would like to confirm that Shaun McManus is straight!

Mr A.J. CARPENTER: I did not say that he wanted to marry me, member for Cottesloe!

I think everyone in this chamber is looking forward to the football season, and we wish all the teams well.

Several members interjected.

Mr A.J. CARPENTER: We do not wear purple for nothing!

Subject: Australian Football League – Government Commitment [Legislative Assembly – Questions Without Notice]

Date: 20 March 2008

Hansard reference: pp. 1368-1369 [online (pdf)]

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