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the final countdown (v-b)

27 September, 2013

And finally, a statement in the Legislative Council before last week’s Preliminary Final – the same message applies today, ahead of the Grand Final. To the team, the staff, the club, the fans – good luck tomorrow!

HON PHIL EDMAN (South Metropolitan) [5.28 pm]: I just wanted to quickly say that, obviously, it is no surprise that I am a Dockers supporter. Back in 1995, Fremantle became the second team from Western Australia to be admitted to the national Australian Football League. My factory was on Barrington Street and I remember in 1995 watching Phoenix Shopfitters, who was our competitor, building the anchor for the Dockers. I was then an Eagles supporter but I thought: I will support the Dockers and support a team in the south metropolitan area. I am now a member for South Metropolitan Region, so that is great. I wish them all the best this Saturday. It is as far as we have ever come. I really hope we make it and we beat the Swans and we end up in the grand final. I think we have an excellent club captain, Matthew Pavlich. He has been our club captain since 2007. We have one of the tallest players that Fremantle has ever had—Aaron Sandilands.

Hon Ken Travers: He is tall! He’s not a shorty like me.

Hon PHIL EDMAN: He is tall; he is taller than Hon Ken Travers. We have an excellent team, with Hayden Ballantyne and all the other players, and an exceptional coach, Ross Lyon. I found out today that Hon Simon O’Brien has been there since the beginning, which is great to hear. For those who are Dockers supporters, I want to say: go Freo!

Subject: Fremantle Dockers [Legislative Council – Statement]

Date: 19 September 2013

Hansard reference: p. 4474 [online (pdf)]

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