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no plan b

2 October, 2013

Mr P. PAPALIA: […] Undoubtedly there are a few disappointed members around the chamber who would like to talk about the things that are not in the bill, as I would. I know that the member for Swan Hills would love to be campaigning for some sort of public transport in Ellenbrook—perhaps a horse and cart, because the people of Ellenbrook have given up on the bus and they have given up on the train. They know there is no hope of the government delivering on anything for Ellenbrook beyond possibly a horse and cart.

Point of Order

Mr T.R. BUSWELL: Mr Speaker, a horse and cart to Ellenbrook bears no relevance to any of the detail in the capital account. I sat here for the full length of the debate on the recurrent bill, and I did not raise a point of order but let members have a wide-ranging discussion. But the conventions of this place are very clear about the third reading debate, and I will continue to raise points of order when those conventions are breached. I again seek your guidance, Mr Speaker, specifically about how a horse and cart to Ellenbrook relates to this bill.

The SPEAKER: Member for Warnbro, I am going to read to you from the standing orders: the third reading debate is restricted to the content of the bill and is not as wide as the debate on the second reading. I have warned you three times about this. If I have to warn you again, I am going to sit you down.

Debate Resumed

Mr P. PAPALIA: Thank you, Mr Speaker. I apologise. It was a stretch to talk about a horse and cart. That probably would not be in the bill. The people of Ellenbrook would take anything, but a horse and cart is not in there.

Subject: Appropriation (Consolidated Account) Capital 2013-14 Bill 2013 [Legislative Assembly – Third Reading]

Date: 17 September 2013

Hansard reference: pp. 4196-4197 [online (pdf)]


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