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hounds of love

14 October, 2013

Mr D.A. TEMPLEMAN: […] As I said earlier in this discussion, this community has changed. A lot of people are living on top of each other in higher density housing. People live in blocks of flats and have little Schnauzers in every little room. People live on 200 square metre blocks with small courtyards, yet they keep Alsatians, Dobermans, Labradors or Newfoundlands. I do not know whether anyone has ever seen a Newfoundland dog; it is an amazing dog.

Ms M.M. Quirk: They need saddles.

Mr D.A. TEMPLEMAN: They do! One day when I went to see my friends the Pearsons in Mandurah, they had a new dog called Brereton. I thought I would see a little Shih tzu or little Schnauzer—I love that word Schnauzer—but down the passageway bounded this huge bear-like dog. I would have declared it a dangerous dog immediately before I even got within five metres of it. It was a huge thing. Of course, being my size it would have killed me instantly by running over the top of me, because it was huge, but it would have killed me with love because it went lah, lah, lah!

Subject: Dog Amendment Bill 2013 [Legislative Assembly – Second Reading]

Date: 8 August 2013

Hansard reference: p. 3089 [online (pdf)]


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