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16 November, 2013

We’ve been very quiet recently, because of reasons (being out of the country for most of the last month is one of them); today is our seventh anniversary, but we haven’t got anything planned this year – if you want, though, you can always check out our previous retrospectives – last year’s post has more links to the even older ones, too.

However, a quick perusal through the latest WA Hansard in preparation for some new posts next week at least gives us something slightly different to post on our seventh birthday. Last week in the WA Legislative Assembly, mention was made – for the first time by name, from a very brief search through the archives – of a WA-themed Downfall parody clip, regarding the local council amalgamations that have been a prominent topic this year. Downfall parodies/’Hitler Reacts’ videos first started appearing on YouTube back in 2006, and had various peaks in activity and viewership around 2008-2010; still, at least WA politics caught up eventually. (The clip is at the end of the quote)

Mr R.H. COOK: […] This is really just about a government that will do and say anything today and will do and say the exact opposite tomorrow and will continue to limp along in this sad and pathetic process that it calls local government reform.

Mr F.M. Logan: I think all members of the house need to watch that new clip from Downfall, the movie about Hitler, that deals with local government reform. It has Tony Simpson and the Premier in it and it explains everything you would ever want to know about local government reform.

Mr R.H. COOK: The member for Cockburn is referring to a YouTube clip that places a potential transcript of a discussion between the Premier and his cabinet over a scene from Downfall. It is very good watching and very funny. I am happy to send the link to any member —

Mr A.J. Simpson interjected.

Ms S.F. McGurk: I don’t think it’s complimentary, minister.

Mr R.H. COOK: It is not complimentary, but it is very funny.

Subject: Local Government – Amalgamations [Legislative Assembly – Motion]

Date: 13 November 2013

Hansard reference: p. 5974 [online (pdf)]


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