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probably, yes

22 November, 2013

Mr P. ABETZ: […] If a person wants to buy a firearm, he goes to the gun shop but cannot actually take the gun from there. He needs to get the serial number of what he wants to buy and go online and print off a form. He takes the form to Australia Post, which, by the way, charges $50-something for handling and scanning it, and it then goes to the police department, where it is processed by one person and then moves to another section. Then it gets entered into a computer system, which, incidentally, cannot communicate with a later aspect of the entry process. So it has to be entered into two different computer systems, which of course creates wonderful opportunities for typos, which then creates more work because things do not quite tally up. Once that second entry has taken place, the police have to go and check the reason the person wants the firearms licence. That is probably fair enough because if someone has filled in that they want to rob a bank, they probably should not get one.

Dr A.D. Buti: It is fair enough!

Mr P. ABETZ: Yes, that is fair enough.

Subject: Joint Standing Committee on Delegated Legislation [Legislative Assembly – Sixty-eighth Report — “Explanatory Report in Relation to the Firearms Amendment Regulations 2013” — Tabling]

Date: 31 October 2013

Hansard reference: pp. 5784-5785 [online (pdf)]

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