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speed variations

27 November, 2013

HON DARREN WEST (Agricultural) [5.31 pm]: […] One of those occasions was the week before last, when several colleagues of mine and I went on a trip around the state and had cause to ride in taxis on several occasions. It was pointed out to me by the Hansard reporter who came with us that Hansard dreads my speeches in this house, because they are so fast. So I have made a deliberate attempt to slow down my speaking for the benefit of Hansard.

Hon Peter Katsambanis: Like some taxidrivers may need to slow down!

Hon DARREN WEST: That is a very good point, Hon Peter Katsambanis; there are some taxidrivers who may need to slow down a little bit as well.

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT (Hon Adele Farina): Order, members! Hon Darren West has the call.

Hon DARREN WEST: I will endeavour to speak in a manner that will make things easier for Hansard—except for that cheeky Hansard reporter who made those remarks, because when she is taking down my words, I will speak even more quickly!

Subject: Taxi Drivers Licensing Bill 2013 [Legislative Council – Second Reading]

Date: 19 November 2013

Hansard reference: p. 6079 [online (pdf)]

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