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isn’t she lovely

3 December, 2013

Hon KATE DOUST: […] I think we were told yesterday that the first draft of the regulations will come through any day now.

Hon Peter Collier: Yes, I think so.

Hon Ken Travers: When the Premier has signed off on them.

Hon KATE DOUST: That is right; when the Premier is happy with them. I know the minister likes to make sure all the t’s are crossed and all the i’s are dotted.

Hon Ljiljanna Ravlich interjected.

Hon KATE DOUST: I am being nice.

Hon Peter Collier: It’s not in her DNA.

Hon KATE DOUST: It is in her DNA; she is a lovely person.

Hon Ken Travers: Hon Ljiljanna Ravlich is lovely. You just got on the wrong side of her, that’s your problem.

Hon Peter Collier: Is there a good side there?

Hon Ken Travers: Absolutely.

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT (Hon Alanna Clohesy): Order! Hon Kate Doust has the call.

Hon KATE DOUST: I know; we were getting a bit distracted. Given the nature of this change, when we go into committee the minister can expect a raft of questions around each clause because we want to know the government’s real intentions. How will the government manage this change if the bill is passed? We cannot find all that detail because it has not been provided.

Several members interjected.

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT: Members! You are distracting the speaker.

Hon Ken Travers: We were discussing the broadest acceptance of the loveliness of Hon Ljiljanna Ravlich around the chamber.

Several members interjected.

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT: Members! While I agree Hon Ljiljanna Ravlich is lovely, I would prefer to hear at this stage the speaker who has the call, Hon Kate Doust, thank you.

Subject: Electricity Corporations Amendment Bill 2013 [Legislative Council – Second Reading]

Date: 26 November 2013

Hansard reference: pp. 6530-6531 [online (pdf)]

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