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fed up with brick

6 December, 2013

HON PHIL EDMAN (South Metropolitan) [10.24 am]: […] Mr President, I have brought some rubbish into the house today and, with your permission, I would like to hand it around so that members can do a bit of scratch-and-sniff test.

The PRESIDENT: Obviously, it is difficult for Hansard to record this and the member cannot seek leave to incorporate it, but it will be fine if the member describes the objects to demonstrate what he is talking about, and then he can hand them around to members.

Hon PHIL EDMAN: What I have in my hand is aggregate left from the process of burning out municipal household rubbish, which I will hand around so everyone can have a scratch and sniff. Then the aggregate is used to make bricks. I have a brick in my hand, and these bricks can be used for household construction and paths. It is not landfill, but it can be put on top of the land. This is what comes out of the Martin grate waste-to-energy plants. They are very sophisticated and are way ahead of what is being done in Australia. The brick can also be handed around for members to look at.

Hon Phil Edman and brick


HON ROBIN CHAPPLE (Mining and Pastoral) [11.57 am]: […] The good old mining industry is really good because we can get these linen bags for 20c in all sorts of sizes. A phone app called “Bulk: Shopping Locator” tells us a number of stores in Western Australia where we can buy bulk material, such as bulk Weetabix—

Hon Phil Edman: Are you going to share the bag around, because I showed my brick?

Hon ROBIN CHAPPLE: Yes, certainly. Would somebody like to take my bag? The mining industry produces those bags for 20c and they come in all sorts of different sizes. They can be bought in job lots of 100. A lot of people use them when they buy in bulk —

Hon Ken Travers: If we come to your office later, you can give us a special price?

Hon ROBIN CHAPPLE: Absolutely!

Hon Robin Chapple and bag


Hon ROBIN CHAPPLE: […] My bag is back and it has a brick in it—thank you!

Hon Phil Edman: It’s just to show the bag can withstand a brick!

Hon ROBIN CHAPPLE: It would be far better in my view if instead of having a brick in there, we had some material that we could use that did not create a brick in the first place.

Hon Robin Chapple and bag with a brick in it

Subject: Waste to Energy [Legislative Council – Motion]

Date: 28 November 2013

Hansard reference: p. 6817, 6821 [online (pdf)]

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