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10 December, 2013

Mr T.R. BUSWELL: We are looking at proposed section 31(1)(e). “Vested” disappears because in the new definition “port property” includes “vested property”. On the member’s question about paragraph (fa)—one of the member’s favourite terms —

Mr B.S. Wyatt: It is missing one word.

Mr T.R. BUSWELL: Fiscal action plan! Yes, but it is the way the member pronounces it, with such an emphasis on those first two letters!

Mr B.S. Wyatt: Very sharp, minister; I had not realised I was focusing on it.

Mr T.R. BUSWELL: It has caused me to reconsider the presentation of wonderful initiatives in the future so that the acronym can be less applied to imply failure or a space filled with nothing—(fa)!

Mr W.J. Johnston: You got to him.

Mr B.S. Wyatt: I never thought you got my references; how wrong I was!

Mr W.J. Johnston: The first time he reacts is on the port bill.

Subject: Ports Legislation Amendment Bill 2013 [Legislative Assembly – Consideration in Detail]

Date: 28 November 2013

Hansard reference: p. 6923 [online (pdf)]

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