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à la Tony Stark

12 December, 2013

I was down in Busselton this past weekend on non-Houses & Motions business, for Ironman Western Australia (not competing, thankfully), and happened to see the Member for Armadale, Dr Tony Buti, out on the run course – congratulations to the Member on his Ironman result and the impressive effort involved!

MR T.R. BUSWELL (Vasse — Minister for Transport) [2.53 pm] — in reply: I thank members opposite for their contributions to the debate. I am not going to talk for too long because I want to get into consideration in detail. Some contributions were of some value and reflected on some of the issues to do with the Ports Legislation Amendment Bill 2013; others did not, but that is okay. I will touch on a couple of things that were raised today. Did I jump up too soon?

Opposition members: Yes.

Mr T.R. BUSWELL: I had a cramp that caused me to shoot to my feet, and my view is that I probably should not have done that at this stage. I might have to retire gracefully for a second.

The SPEAKER: I have given you the call, minister; sorry.

Mr T.R. BUSWELL: I do apologise for that, member for Kimberley; it was not my intention.

Mrs M.H. Roberts: She can make her contribution during the third reading debate.

Mr T.R. BUSWELL: Yes. During the third reading debate, I am sure the house will afford the member for Kimberley every latitude required to speak on behalf of her constituents.

Mr M. McGowan: How is that cramp going?

Mr T.R. BUSWELL: I have recovered. Like all true athletes, never out for long! When someone is in peak condition, as I know the member for Armadale is as he and I prepare for the Busselton ironman event, they are never out for long. I am not going to waste the house’s time with this for too long, but the member for Armadale will swim only four kilometres, then mount his cycle and travel 180 kilometres, and then run past my house, where I will be in peak condition on the veranda cheering him on! He will run 42 kilometres, and I wish the member for Armadale well!

Subject: Ports Legislation Amendment Bill 2013 [Legislative Assembly – Second Reading]

Date: 28 November 2013

Hansard reference: pp. 6903-6904 [online (pdf)]

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