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8 January, 2014

MR P.C. TINLEY (Willagee) [5.25 pm]: It is great that I have the opportunity to get up again in a general debate and to make a contribution on the Supply Bill 2013. I want to put on the record a series of issues relating to my seat as opposed to anything in areas of portfolio interest. I attempted to do so last time I got to my feet, but I ended up wandering off into territory related to the ideology of the chamber on this side and that and the discombobulation of some of the members opposite in their attitudes towards what is a Liberal attitude, what is a conservative attitude and what is good social policy. But I will not start down that line because I will get my blood up.

Mr R.H. Cook: You’ve got to keep to the script this time.

Mr P.C. TINLEY: I will keep to the script because my electorate office staff are concerned that they do a bit of work, find out the details and put it all down for me, yet I do not stick to the script. I will not get my blood up; I will keep a nice even tone. I will not speak too loudly so the Treasurer can get some sleep and I will just talk about things that are —

Mrs L.M. Harvey: Why would you say that? I am sitting beside him; he is working.

Mr P.C. TINLEY: I am sure he is. It will not take him long.

Mrs L.M. Harvey interjected.

Mr P.C. TINLEY: Do not speak so loudly. Just relax. It is okay. This will not be painful.

Subject: Supply Bill 2013 [Legislative Assembly – Second Reading]

Date: 14 May 2013

Hansard reference: p. 486 [online (pdf)]

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