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17 January, 2014

Dr K.D. HAMES: […] Remember, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital was built on former University of Western Australia land. As part of that, an agreement was reached that a trust would be formed, comprising members of the university and members of the government, that would have oversight of the management of all buildings on that site—not just government buildings. Remember, there is a dental centre there. Crawford Lodge is there.

Mr R.H. Cook: Lions Eye.

Dr K.D. HAMES: The Lions Eye Institute is there and a range of other services. Shortly Ronald McDonald will be going on that site.

Mr R.H. Cook: No, Ronald McDonald House will be going there.

Dr K.D. HAMES: House, yes. Ronald McDonald may be there as well!

Mr R.H. Cook: I think Ronald McDonald has important duties elsewhere, like poisoning children!

Dr K.D. HAMES: That is right! It always seems extremely incongruous to me. I was very reluctant, I have to say, for a while because of the image that it gives, but the work that they do at Ronald McDonald House —

Mr R.H. Cook: Hang on! You’re the one who sells fast food in the cafeterias in hospitals, remember!

Dr K.D. HAMES: Madam Acting Speaker (Ms J.M. Freeman), how can I not respond to that sort of interjection? Are you going to let me?

Subject: Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre Amendment Bill 2013 [Legislative Assembly – Second Reading]

Date: 23 May 2013

Hansard reference: p. 1094 [online (pdf)]


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