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man, it’s so loud in here

28 January, 2014

Mr KOBELKE: […] Pet ownership is an important part of life; nonetheless, with it goes responsibility. For example, people make complaints about continually barking dogs and it can exacerbate animosity between neighbours. Fortunately, my dog is not a bad barker; although from time to time it does bark, but the neighbours are happy to put up with that as we put up with their dogs.

Mr Barnett: Are you noisier than the dog?

Mr KOBELKE: Only in Parliament.

Mr Barnett: They could become exasperated with you, I think.

Mr KOBELKE: I can assure the Leader of the House that if I brought in the dog I would be the noisier. However, like my dog, my bark is worse than my bite.

Subject: Animal Welfare Bill 1999 [Legislative Council – Second Reading]

Date: 7 September 2000

Hansard reference: p. 964 [online (pdf)]

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