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flex capacitor

31 January, 2014

DR TURNBULL (Collie) [8.50 pm]: […] As a country member, I can assure all members that we must take responsibility for the hazards in our own backyards. This year I spent three weeks removing the hazards around our house. They consisted of a number of trees in close proximity to power lines, and the like. I did that myself, and I am sure that is more than the member for Peel did at his place.

Mr Leahy: How do you know that?

Dr TURNBULL: I can see the flabbiness of his muscles.

Mr Marlborough: You have always been attracted to my muscles.

Dr TURNBULL: My muscles are in a better state than the member for Peel’s, at the moment.


MR MARLBOROUGH (Peel) [8.56 pm]: Mr Acting Speaker –

Several members interjected.

Mr MARLBOROUGH: I am standing up to flex my muscles.

The ACTING SPEAKER (Mr Ainsworth): Member for Peel, I am sure you are delighted by being recognised by the member for Collie in that way. I can see your chest is swollen – or something is – but I am sure this is not really part of the Address-in-Reply debate.

Subject: Address-in-Reply [Legislative Assembly – Amendment to Motion]

Date: 31 May 1994

Hansard reference: p. 553 [online (pdf)]


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