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lost realms

3 February, 2014

The SPEAKER: I call on the member for Merredin-Yilgarn.

MR COWAN (Merredin) [8.53 p.m.]: Try Merredin, Mr Speaker. I lost the Yilgarn portion of the seat something like seven or eight years ago.

Mr Davies: You should have found it by now.

Mr COWAN: That was a figure of speech, Mr Speaker. I know perfectly well where Yilgarn is. I doubt very much whether the Minister does, although I must confess he did visit it some time ago. He also visited my electorate without letting me know. That is becoming a habit I feel is rather regrettable in the case of politics; Ministers no longer carry out that courtesy.

Subject: Equal Opportunity Bill [Legislative Assembly – Second Reading]

Date: 9 October 1984

Hansard reference: pp. 2097-2098 [online (pdf)]

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