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the greatest game?

3 February, 2014

Not going quite so well for the Denver Broncos at the moment, though…

The Hon. M. R. EGAN: […] This morning the Premier announced the creation of Australia-America Business Week. The highlight of the week will take place on 8 August next year at Stadium Australia—and for those honourable members who have not caught up with the news yet, that is the name of the Olympic stadium—when an American national football league match will be played between the San Diego Chargers and the current Super Bowl champions, the Denver Broncos.

The Hon. M. J. Gallacher: You would not understand that game if you fell over it.

The Hon. M. R. EGAN: I remain to be convinced that it is as great a game as rugby league, rugby union, Aussie rules or soccer. However, I certainly know of the game, I am aware of it, although I do not understand its rules or why the players wear so much equipment. Be that as it may, I look forward to watching the game on 8 August next year.

Subject: New South Wales Tourism and Investment [New South Wales Legislative Council – Questions Without Notice]

Date: 22 September 1998

Hansard reference: p. 7691 [online (pdf)]

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