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down at the zoo

8 February, 2014

The TREASURER: […] I understand, from the zoo authorities, that tens of thousands of children go there during the year and get a great deal of entertainment and joy from their visits and, as the member for Cottesloe suggested, they get some good education from it.

Hon. A. V. R. Abbott: And some that might not be so good for children,

The TREASURER: Oh, well.

Hon. A. F. Watts: Do not be so fussy!

The TREASURER: The member for Mt. Lawley reminds me of the story of the spinster who went to the zoo a few weeks ago.

The CHAIRMAN: Is this relevant to the vote?

The TREASURER: Yes, as part of the vote is to be used for the purpose of looking after the two bears, male and female. This elderly spinster visited the zoo and, having been told about them, wanted to look at the bears. When she got there they were nowhere to be seen so the good lady found an attendant and asked where the bears were. He said, “They are mating.” So she asked, “Do you think they would come out for some bread?” and he replied, “Well, would you, madam?”

Mr. YATES: I think the member for Mt. Lawley is nothing but a broken down rhinocerous, to speak of the Zoological Gardens of being of no value.

Hon. A. V. R. Abbott: I did not say that. I said that the kindergartens were of greater value.

Subject: Annual Estimates, 1955-56 [Legislative Assembly – In Committee of Supply — Item, Zoological Gardens Board, £21,000.]

Date: 23 November 1955

Hansard reference: pp. 2045-2046 [online (pdf)]

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