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kiss me like you mean it

14 February, 2014

HON LYNN MacLAREN (South Metropolitan) [5.14 pm]:: […] The plan was to install 345 metres of reserve fencing, a boom gate, access gate and kissing gate, which allows only people to pass through. I am sure members have seen kissing gates that do not allow bikes, for example, through them.

Hon Simon O’Brien: Where is this gate? I have been through gates but I have never been kissed.

Hon LYNN MacLAREN: Hon Simon O’Brien has never been kissed at one of those gates!

Hon Simon O’Brien: Certainly not.

Hon LYNN MacLAREN: See a counsellor about that.

Hon Simon O’Brien: I want to take my wife down there to look at it!

Subject: Proposal No. 1/2013, Excision of Land from Class A Reserve 33581 for the Upgrade of Gilmore Avenue, Leda to a Dual Carriageway in the City of Kwinana – Disallowance [Legislative Council – Motion]

Date: 23 October 2013

Hansard reference: p. 5342 [online (pdf)]

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