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tall boy

18 February, 2014

HON PETER FOSS: […] However, if WorkSafe were involved we might have had something done about the abominable conditions that exist in the primary Chamber. Despite how beautiful the leather chairs might look from the gallery, they are a work hazard. Three members now sit on wooden boards because the chairs are bad for their backs. Nearly everybody has to have a very wide cushion behind their back to allow their knee bend to line up with the edge of the seat. Trying to use a computer is impossible at these desks because the only way we can get it even vaguely aligned is by putting it on a drawer that pulls out, which further restricts our capacity to move. If we have to suddenly rise to our feet, all sorts of dangerous things might occur to the nether regions. I am sure Hon Ken Travers would lose his knees if he had to rise rapidly to his feet!

Hon Ken Travers: Not to mention getting giddy.

Hon PETER FOSS: Yes. He obviously has not been built with the compensating mechanisms that a giraffe has.

Subject: Members’ Statements [Legislative Council – Legislative Council Chamber, Front-Bench Desks]

Date: 13 August 2003

Hansard reference: pp. 9853-9854 [online (pdf)]

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