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Houses & Motions is a blog covering Australian parliament, state and (hopefully soon) territory parliaments in Australia, and the Hansard records of sittings of parliament. It is not, unfortunately, a blog by or for Hansard reporters in Australia (although that would be far more interesting than this). Instead, we are just people who got into the habit of taking breaks by going through the archives of Hansard and finding the strange and kind of funny bits. Having started looking just at the archives of the WA State Parliament, the site has grown first to feature Queensland and then eventually covering the Federal level as well as the rest of the states.

Generally what will be featured here are the relatively humorous exchanges, the asides, the witty banter, or things that are just odd, dug up from Hansard. Sometimes it will be current, sometimes not.

The contents of the blog do not represent the views of the people responsible for collating it. Any bias in the posts made here will be towards members of parliament responsible for repeatedly humorous comments and interjections, regardless of which party they represent.

For information on the genesis of Houses & Motions, this post should cover it with more words than is entirely necessary; this post, on the other hand, covers the first five years of the site. Our latest (2012) retrospective provides an update on recent developments concerning this site.

As of February 2012, Houses & Motions is being archived by the National Library of Australia. It can be found in PANDORA, Australia’s Web Archive.

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