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Editorial Policy

When presenting material from Hansard on Houses & Motions, we will generally refrain from making any partisan comments. Our primary aim is to highlight the odd, interesting, entertaining, or bizarre moments featured in Parliament, not to promote one party or politician over another. Now and again we might make some comment reflecting our personal views, but our selection of quotes is not based on any agenda beyond what catches our attention in the Hansard transcripts.

We do not quote from the uncorrected Hansard – while we might skim these versions when they are released, we will not feature material in posts until the corrected Hansard is made available online. Unfortunately this does mean that we will always be a week (or more, especially at the Federal level) behind events, but as we are neither Press Gallery reporters, nor do we follow Parliamentary proceedings online (well, okay, occasionally, but not regularly), we find that the best policy is to wait for the official documents to be made available.

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